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5 Mother’s Day Gift Box Ideas!

What mother doesn’t love to get presents? How about making that special mom a Mother’s Day Gift Box this year? The gift can be anything and if you’re at a loss for ideas, here are five you may want to consider.

They’re not difficult to make when you use an old shoe box or a similar size box as the base. You can wrap each part of the box separately
in beautifully paper so the lid can still be taken off. Then fill it with things you know your mom will love.

1. Coffee Lovers Gift Box
A coffee lover’s box might include various gourmet coffees along with a new, pretty coffee cup. You may also want to include chocolate-covered spoons or another special treat for her to enjoy while she’s sipping her coffee. Her favorite cookies might be appropriate.

2. Movie Lovers Gift Box
What if your mom is a movie buff? Perhaps there’s movie she’s always wanted to watch but hasn’t done so. She may also have a favorite classic movie that she watches each time it plays. Buying a DVD of that movie is a great idea. You can include some microwavable popcorn for her to enjoy while watching the movie. If it’s a tear-jerker, don’t forget to include a small package of tissues.

3. "Love You Mom" Coupon Gift Box
Self-created vouchers or coupons are another idea. Maybe your mom has been bothering you to wash the car, mow the lawn, or something else she can’t manage. Create some coupons for you to do those activities she’s been asking you about. You can make the vouchers by finding examples online that have pretty borders.

4. Spa Gift Box
A spa box would be thoroughly enjoyed. Since every mother is a working mother, whether she leaves the home or not, you can include items such as scented candles, a CD with soothing music, an eye mask, and body lotion. Or, if you really want to surprise her, why not put a certificate for a day spa in with these items. Then she’ll be able to be pampered by someone else.

5. Book Lovers Gift Box
Is your mom a bookworm? Find her favorite author’s latest book and place it in the box along with a couple of nice bookmarks. If her favorite author’s newest book isn’t out yet, give her a gift card or certificate to her favorite bookstore so she can get the book when it is published.

Of course, not all ideas can be put into a box. One of the most common gifts for Mother’s Day is a bouquet of flowers. To make it a surprise, why not give her a rose bush of her favorite variety. She’ll be able to enjoy roses for years to come and think of you each time she sees or smells them. You can also include a certificate for a day of working in her flower garden with her as an added surprise.

Whichever Mother’s Day gift box you choose to give, remember to think about what your mom would like and then do your best to fill your box with things she’ll love. She’ll be surprised at the thought that you put into her gift and will love you for taking the time to put it together.

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Why Do They Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Many people think that Mother’s Day is traditionally a holiday for moms in the United States. What may not be realized is that Mother’s Day has been around for millennium but not always in the same form as it is celebrated today. Mothers are also honored in nearly every country and culture around the world.

The earliest written record of honoring mothers comes from the ancient Egyptians. In fact, their practice of paying homage to their goddess Isis may be the very beginnings of our current Mother’s Day celebrations as Isis was considered to be the mother of the Pharaohs.

In more recent years, motherhood was honored on the fourth Sunday of the Lenten season. This was more of a celebration to honor the church, or Mother church, where the mothers were baptized. The practice included decorating the place of worship with flowers and other symbols such as jewels to beautify the buildings.

By the 1600s there was a decree that established Mothering Day, the forerunner of our current Mother’s Day.
Mother’s Day actually began in the United States in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation. This was a call to mothers who had lost sons during the Civil War to come together and celebrate peace and motherhood. This holiday, however, was never embraced nationally. It wasn’t until Anna M. Jarvis began the process in 1908 that the holiday took off and was eventually declared a national holiday in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson.

Mother’s Day celebrations take place all around the world. In Argentina, mothers are given dinners, poems, and gifts of appreciation. France began Mother’s Day in 1945 and uses this day to give cakes shaped like flower bouquets, cards, and perfume. Mothers in India have special dinners prepared for them and receive telephone calls from their children. The Japanese celebrate Mother’s Day by giving their mothers red carnations, scarves, and handbags.

Mexico celebrates Mother’s Day on May 10 rather than the fourth Sunday of May. Traditionally they prepare a family brunch for mothers and celebrate with songs sung by family members. In the United Kingdom, moms are given flowers, cards and taken out for a special Mother’s Day lunch.

Mothers in the United States are honored by children giving cards and presents. They may be taken out for a special meal, be given flowers, or receive telephone calls from children who are far from home. Chocolate is another common Mother’s Day gift and with the increase of day spas across the country, many mothers are being given certificates for a spa visit.

Let’s face it, if it weren’t for mothers, none of us would be here. (Of course, dads had a part in our birth, too, but they have their own holiday.) It’s nice to remember our moms once a year in a special way. And since people around the world honor their moms, isn’t it a good idea to do the same for your own?

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