Using Fall Photos for Scrapbooking

Many Scrapbookers use the changing seasons as ways to find ideas for their albums. The shapes and colors of the falling leaves, harvest crops and blooming flowers provide lots of great ideas that you can incorporate into your scrapbooks.

Here are a few of the ways you can work the season into the various elements of your page.


Orange is a color that's certainly not hard to find during the fall season. You can fin it on pumpkins, falling leaves, and many fall flowers. It's symbolic of Halloween, and is also used in many Thanksgiving decorations.

Yellow can also be found in lots of fall items. These two colors can be used as backgrounds in some layouts, but in most cases they're best used for embellishments and borders unless they are muted.

Brown is another favorite fall color. It is associated with Thanksgiving turkey, pinecones, and more. Brown makes a good background color, because it will not draw attention away from the photos.

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