Using Fall Photos for Scrapbooking

Many Scrapbookers use the changing seasons as ways to find ideas for their albums. The shapes and colors of the falling leaves, harvest crops and blooming flowers provide lots of great ideas that you can incorporate into your scrapbooks.

Here are a few of the ways you can work the season into the various elements of your page.


Orange is a color that's certainly not hard to find during the fall season. You can fin it on pumpkins, falling leaves, and many fall flowers. It's symbolic of Halloween, and is also used in many Thanksgiving decorations.

Yellow can also be found in lots of fall items. These two colors can be used as backgrounds in some layouts, but in most cases they're best used for embellishments and borders unless they are muted.

Brown is another favorite fall color. It is associated with Thanksgiving turkey, pinecones, and more. Brown makes a good background color, because it will not draw attention away from the photos.

Adding the feel of the falll season into your pages extends to your page titles as well. Whatever your tone, be it serious or whimsical, you can find inspiration for your page titles in the beauty that surrounds you.

"Leaf" and "leaves" can be used to work into puns for your titles. "The Apple fo My Eye" can be used to make a page about one special person. Good title ideas can also come from Harvest themes and autumn colors.


No scrapbook is complete without embellishments, and there are plenty of great ideas from nature in the fall. Brightly colored leaves and leaf motifs look great in a scrapbook. It's best not to use real leaves in your pages as they just do not stand up to time very well, even when they are carefully preserved.

Die cuts, brads and stickers of Pumpkins or squash are perfect for a harvest theme. Apple, pear and berry items can also work great as embellishments. You can find all sorts of stamps and die cuts to choose from for Halloween and Thanksgiving themes.


Photos are the most important things in any scrapbook. While using things like colors, titles and embellishments to create a fall atmosphere for your pages, capturing the season in your photos is the best way to make your scrapbook truly memorable.

You can add a touch of autumm to your scrapbook by taking pictures outdoors when possible. Take some candid shots of your kids jumping into a leaf pile. Or how about a picture of your little one with the biggest pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. These are memories that are sure to be cherished for years to come, and that's what scrapbooking is all about.

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