Gifts from the Heart – How to Make Inexpensive but Memorable Mother’s Day Presents

Are you trying to think of unique ways for you and your children to say “I love you!” to the women in their lives? Concentrate on gifts from the heart. Then learn how to make inexpensive but memorable Mother’s Day presents any mother will love.

When you’re trying to be frugal during any holiday, home-made gifts can’t be beat. They are the perfect gift because you know Mom will love them simply because her child made them. And most home-made gifts are inexpensive to make. They’re sure to be special to the moms in your life.

Gifts that are like a frozen moment in time are surely to be memorable. Create any number of gifts using the handprint or footprint of the children. Mom will be delighted with these gifts.


Anna Jarvis – the “Creator” of Mother’s Day

Moms in the United States have been honored on Mother’s Day for over 100 years thanks to the efforts of Anna Jarvis, considered to be the “creator” of Mother’s Day. However, the holiday in the United States isn’t actually the invention of Anna Jarvis. Julia Ward Howe first established Mother’s Day in 1870 but it didn’t really catch on. Enter Anna Jarvis and her attempt to honor her mother, and all mothers, beginning in 1908.

Anna Jarvis was born in West Virginia in 1864 to Ann Marie and Granville Jarvis. She was one of eleven children. The Jarvis family moved from Webster to Grafton when Anna was an infant. She grew up and attended Augusta Female Academy where she earned her teaching credentials.

As a child, Anna often heard her mother pray that God would lead someone to found a memorial mother’s day to commemorate a mother’s “matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life.” It seems the words twelve-year-old Anna heard struck a chord within her and at her mother’s graveside in 1905, Anna Jarvis promised to work toward achieving that prayer.

Happy Earth Day!

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