How to Throw a Halloween Party for Adults

Everyone enjoys a good Halloween party but when it comes down to it bad food, drinks, or a lame theme can be a deal breaker. So in order to get your guests excited about your next Halloween party, be sure to impress them with these few simple tricks that will have them coming back year after year.

When people arrive at a party they generally are looking to eat, drink, and be merry, so make it a point to have good food at your party. Themed food ideas will have your guests in shock and awe when they arrive. Imagine the squealing of disgust and intrigue when your guests discover a bowl of worms on the table ready for eating. With a little gelatin, food coloring and flexible straws, you can make these worms yourself.

If you are looking for laughter, include a kitty litter cake recipe that will have your guest wondering if they should try it or not. The pure amazement or in some cases befuddlement will have guests enjoying the food that you have put together. Browse around online for some spirited recipes to enliven your party.

A fun Halloween party needs a theme, and it can be just about anything the mind can come up with. However, if you happen to be stumped, take a look at these ideas and get the ball rolling. How about a “helliday” theme party? If you are wondering what “helliday” is,  think about having guest arrive as dead Easter Bunnies, or an evil Santa Claus, even better how about a cannibalistic Thanksgiving dinner. People may never look at cranberry sauce the same ever again.

The next theme would involve a meeting of the ancient rivals of good and evil. Have some guests arrive as angels, cupid and other heavenly figures while others come as the ruffian counterparts such as the devil himself or his demon companions. Want to see what happens when good and evil mix? Add specific areas in your home that are either wonderfully good or despicably evil and sit back and enjoy the show.

If you like comic books, the next theme is simple and very entertaining. Bright colors and fun costumes will populate this Halloween party for ages as you find Batman, Superman, and a variety of other heroes and villains gallivanting around your home. Let the fun continue with games that will involve a test of strength, such as a tug-of-war match pitting heavyweights such as the Hulk and Thor versus the Flash and your buddy who thought it would be funny to come as Wonder Woman.

If you are looking for something a little more laid back, try a haunted mansion party. Southern cuisine, Old South costumes, creepy Halloween-themed music, and scary d├ęcor will have the guests enjoying a party with a more relaxed atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you want a lively, music-thumping kind of party, try a vampire nightclub theme. Rent or buy fog machines, black lights, and have guest arrive in vampire-themed costumes. Rent a DJ or make a disc that will let the music play all night long for a party that is best for guests who love to boogie down.

Halloween parties are a great way to gather up family and friends in a setting that is relaxed and fun. The food is simple and the themes are limitless. The only thing holding you back from a great Halloween party is the desire to have one. So go out there and knock their socks off this year when you throw your rocking Halloween party.


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