Easter Pet Gift Ideas: Chicks

Are you considering a pet as an Easter gift for your children? Baby chicks are a popular choice for the season. Before purchasing a baby chick, there are a few things you should know.

Starting Out. Before you bring a newborn baby home, his/her room needs to be made ready. A baby chick is no different. Purchase all necessary supplies beforehand so you will be ready to take care of your pet when it arrives home.

A baby chick needs a warming box. A warming box houses the chick and keeps it warm. You can buy a constructed warming box from a feed and seed store. A light bulb (about 250 watts) can be the heat source. Place a small thermometer in the box to make sure that a temperature between ninety and ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit is maintained. Cover the bottom of the box with shredded paper or untreated wood shavings. The shredded litter will give the chicks traction and help to contain the warmth.

Baby chicks need water constantly. The water should be clean and changed every day. Raising the bowls on a piece of wood will keep the chicks from jumping into the water.

For the first few days, oatmeal, baby cereal, or whole grains can be used as chick food. Grind it up into small pieces. Purchase chick grit also. Grit is made up of small pieces of rock that act as teeth to help the chicks easily digest their food.

Bringing home baby! Birds have delicate bone structures so handling them the right way is very important. Demonstrate to the children how to pick them up and transfer the baby chicks to the warming box. One hand should be placed under the chick’s belly and the other one on its head. Be careful. Those tiny feet may tickle your hands, but resist the urge to fidget. Dropping a baby chick could cause serious injury and/or death. Caring for baby chicks requires more overseeing duties than actual one on one contact. As long as they are warm and have food and water, they can pretty much take care of themselves.

Caring for this sort of pet will place an increased demand on your time. Make sure that the children understand what is involved before you purchase one. If they are committed, then raising baby chicks can be a worthwhile hobby.


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