Groundhog Day Party Menu Ideas for a Fun Groundhog Day Celebration

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Will winter last or is spring around the corner? Groundhog day is often a mass media day with everyone waiting to see if the groundhog will see his shadow. If you are looking for a few menu ideas or snacks for your children to celebrate the holiday, you might like to use some of the following ideas:

Groundhogs tend to eat green items such as grass so you could create an all green menu for the day. Green punch (lemonade with green food coloring, green grapes and small pieces of green apple or kiwifruit), baked good with green food coloring and green fruit salad (green grapes, green apple, kiwifruit, honeydew melon and star fruit) all work well.

A great snack for children is creating a salad with a couple of types of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and gonzo beans. Of course you can choose your child’s favorite vegetables and salad dressing.

Another great snack for you children is Groundhog Day Dirt Pie. All you do is take their favorite pudding or chocolate to represent dirt. Once you have made the pudding you crumble up graham crackers into the dish. To make the dessert complete you can take a Popsicle stick with a picture of a groundhog to make it look like a groundhog on his mound. You may even have children color their own groundhog.

There are many different ideas you can have for Groundhogs Day for a complete menu. If you need to create snacks for school or just to have fun around the house you will want to find different types of menu items like potatoes, vegetables, desserts with the life of the groundhog in mind. Typically groundhogs spend their days on their mounds so even cupcakes with a frosting “groundhog” on top make a fun snack.

They say that simple menus often work the best. This is definitely the case with Groundhog day. You can use these ideas or throw in a few of your own – either way your young guests are likely to be happy.

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