Groundhog Day Is A Fun Day For Kids Of All Ages...

...Especially When They Do Crafts For This Special Day

By Gail Leino

Everyone looks forward to Groundhog Day because this will mean that winter is almost over. So celebrating this special day is something that kids love to do. One great way for them to celebrate is to let them make crafts for this holiday. They will have fun and the crafts are easy to do.

One fun and easy craft they can do is the pop-up groundhog puppet. You will need to have the kids cut out a circle from brown construction paper to use for the head. Then they need to cut out a small oval for the body from the brown construction paper. Have the kids draw the mouth and eyes onto the head or you can use googly eyes. Glue the head and body of the groundhog onto a craft stick or popsicle stick. Using a paper or Styrofoam cup you want to cut a small slit in the bottom. Decorate the paper cup with markers or paint. These make very adorable groundhog puppets that kids can have hours of fun with.

A second craft that they will enjoy is the groundhog mask. Have the kids paint the back of a paper plate brown. Then they will need to draw the face of the groundhog onto the plate. They will need big eyes and a mouth. Then cut out the eyes and mouth. They will need to cut two small ears that are curved from the brown construction paper. Then glue the ears to the top of the plate. You can use a little pink circle made from paper for the nose and then glue it on. The whiskers will need to be glued on also. You can use string or pipe cleaners. Put holes in both sides of the mask and tie some string to it so that it will stay on the kids head. These two crafts will make Groundhog Day even more fun for any kid.

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