Groundhog Day Party Games - Marking the Occasion With a Celebration

By Gail Leino

Groundhog Day is a celebration that is steeped in tradition - is the Ground Hog going to see his shadow? Start the season with games to suit the theme can be really enjoyable, and make for a great party.

“Groundhog Hunt” Groundhog Day Party Game

This is a fun Groundhog Day party game that is best played outside. Prior to the party, cut several copies of the letters from ‘Groundhog’ out of cardboard and hide them around the playing area. Players pair up, and must search for the letters; the first pair to find all the letters from the word ‘Groundhog’ wins a small prize.

“Groundhog Tag” Groundhog Day Party Game

This active Groundhog Day party game is best played in a large, open area with a large group of children. All that’s required for the game is a small stuffed toy to act as the “groundhog”. Players gather together and split into 2 even groups. One group forms a large circle around the other group – joining hands isn’t necessary as the circle needs to be large. The children in the circle receive the “groundhog”, and have throw it and try to hit the children running around inside the circle. As soon as someone on the inside gets hit, they must join the circle and try to tag the other children with the groundhog. When all the children have been tagged, the teams swap places and start over. The last player standing for each team receives a small prize for winning this Groundhog Day party game.

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Sweet Mummy said...

This looks like fun. My kids have been asking about "what to do" on Groundhog day.

I've seen LOTS (?) of your blogs around via entrecard. How many do you have? I thought it was awesome to recognize your face on this one too.

Thanks for the info!

EJ Cooksey said...

Hellow Sweet Mummy,

Thanks for visiting! Hope your kids have a great "Groundhog's day".

I have 5 active blogs going right now. I am working on a 6th one that should be ready sometime this weekend. Most of them are seasonal, so I only work on those during that season.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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