Earth Day Ideas and Community Awareness

With the approaching celebration of Earth Day on April 22 you will want to start thinking of ways you can take an active part. What are some things you can do to contribute to environmental awareness with family members and in the community?

Most cities will host an Earth Day Fair. Attending the fair will afford you the opportunity to take part in a multitude of activities. There may be locally grown foods to enjoy, videos on environmental issues, Earth Day games and puzzles for the family, fund raising for a local environmental program. Taking part in these festivities as a family will not only be fun but it will also serve to educate everyone on planet safety.

In preparation for Earth Day what can you do to promote Earth Friendly awareness?

Listed here are some Earth Day ideas to get you and your community involved on this important day.

Plant a tree

"He who plants a tree, plants hope", said Lucy Larson. Check with the Arbor Day Foundation at http://www.arborday.org/ for tree planting tips. Plan a tree planning dedication. Group participants could sing songs or read poetry written especially for Earth Day.

Organize a Community Clean up

Check with local public works for proper procedures and guidelines. A community park is a good choice. Instruct participants to pack a waste free lunch as part of the Earth Day awareness. Enhance the project with word games, songs and quizzes on Earth Friendliness. Other locations for cleanups include national parks, community waterways, and along highways. Make sure to stay in groups and avoid traffic.

Build a bird sanctuary

Build a habitat for our feathered friends. You can ensure that it is favorable for nesting, eating and social activity. Fill bird feeders with bird seed for a variety of different birds and provide suet feeders, which basically look like little cages with bird seed in them. You can even make your own and make it a family project. Birds need water for drinking and for frolicking and a birdbath will provide both. These simple activities will help your family enjoy nature as you bird watch together and try to identify all visiting species.

Moderate an outdoor class on Earth Friendliness

Invite the neighborhood children for an outdoor Earth Day party. Provide crafts and activities that teach Earth friendliness. Many sites on line have downloadable coloring books, craft ideas and puzzles with Earth day themes. Encourage the children to share their ideas on protecting the Earth, and make a pledge to do their part. Refreshments can be served and recycling can be encouraged.

Visit a Recycling plant

With family and friends take a trip to a recycling plant to learn the value of recycling. Gain a broader understanding of what household items that can be recycled. Children are especially fascinating with the recycling process and it is a good way for them to learn that the story does not end when the garbage leaves the curb.

Spread the Word

Send email reminders to friends and family and post on community bulletin boards. Wear brown and green colors to focus attention on environmental issues. Publicize upcoming Earth Day activities.

Be creative, no doubt you have ideas of your own. The important thing is to be aware of reducing our impact on the planet. Then pledge to make a difference.


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