Earth Day Resolutions

April 22 is the annual Earth Day celebration. Global communities will do their part promoting public awareness on environmental issues. Earth Day Fairs will be held in many cities which will include activities such as park cleanups, tree planting, educational videos, and local environmental demonstrations to name a few. For the entire day the public is focused on thinking 'green' and what actions will serve to protect our planet. It is a national holiday of sorts for those who care deeply about environmental issues and an opportune time for those that want to learn more.

To ensure a safe and clean planet for future generations it is not enough to think environmental issues for one day only. We must think 'green' every day of the year. Decide now to start small with these easy resolutions to make 'green' living an essential part of your daily routine.

Begin by making a pledge

When you make a commitment you are more apt to follow through. Pledges may be available at Earth Day festivities. Or go online and do a Google search for "Earth Day Pledge" in quotes. There are several sites listed that have a variety of pledges you can sign. Compare the various petitions. Commit to the one that lists options that best fits your daily habits. You can also challenge yourself by resolving to do something that falls outside your normal comfort zone. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that going ‘green’ doesn’t mean you have to be a martyr.

Educate yourself and others

Check your community for local environmental programs that educate. Once knowledgeable concerning environmental issues, you could offer to give a class at the local library or school classroom to educate others on living 'green'. In this way you will be contributing to the community and raising environmental awareness at the same time.

Change out incandescent lights with fluorescent lights

This might seem like a small step but it is an important one. Initially, there will be an upfront expense. Besides saving energy, however, over time you will see a significant savings on your electric bill. Replacement costs will decrease since fluorescent lights will not have to be replaced as often.

Turn off lights and appliances when not in use

When you leave a room, turn off the light. Put all appliances and electronic devices on power strips so you can easily turn them off just by flipping the switch.


Check with your local recycling center to find out what kind of materials is accepted in your area. Commonly accepted items include paper, glass, plastic containers and aluminum cans.

Drive less and walk more

Are you close enough to shops, school or work to walk? Plan your driving trips. Cut down on fuel costs by combining errands? If you must drive, team up with neighbors or workmates.

With Earth Day quickly approaching, resolve to do your part today and every day to make the earth a safe place to reside. With a strong commitment and a little extra effort living 'green' will become second nature.


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