Show Kids How Much You Love Them in Every Valentine’s Day Meal

Give the kids a sense of love all day long on Valentine’s Day. The love isn’t just represented in a special dinner or after dinner treats, but you can remind them of your love at other mealtimes throughout the day too. Here are some ideas to spruce up your every day snacks for Valentine’s Day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. On Valentine’s Day, it is extra special. Give the kids silver dollar pancakes in the shape of a heart. They’ll wonder how you did it and think you are the greatest mom in the world. It’s nice to be loved.

It’s not only the food that can change shape. Serve drinks for the kids in red and pink cups. Each meal tastes that much better on a plate that says I love you. 

All of your food can go all mushy with love on Valentine’s Day. Give sandwiches a makeover using cookie cutters in the shape of hearts. Kids love eating little pieces of food because they can pick it up with their fingers. Bite size pieces are easier to chew too.

If your kids like fruit, slice your fruit into thick slices and then cut them into different shapes using cookie cutters. Add a bowl of these lovely fruit pieces to their sandwich for lunch. If the kids are school age these ideas still work for a bag lunch on Valentine’s Day.

Do your kids like soup? February is still the middle of winter and in some places it is still cold. Instead of serving that soup for lunch in a regular bowl, try a bread bowl. Hollow the bread out in the shape of a heart. The kids will be stunned and amazed once again by your cooking creativity. Chicken noodle or vegetable soup seems to taste better when it’s presented in a new way.

Macaroni and cheese can go all hugs and kisses with a little help from some add-ins. Add color and protein to the favorite pasta dish with some ham bits shaped like miniature hearts. Pieces of sweet peppers and other veggies like carrots can add some love to that bowl too. Who knew that all you had to do was change the shape of the vegetables to get kids to eat them?

Valentine’s Day is about extra special love all day long. Add that love to your food and give your kids a treat.


Jo Brielyn said...

Thanks for the fun ideas for Valentine's Day. It's funny how much more you can get the kids to eat when they're made into pretty shapes, too! It's a win-win situation. :)

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