Christmas Coloring Pages For Children

You can find lots of Christmas coloring pages on the Internet that are free to download and then print from your home computer. Use your favorite search engine – I prefer Google – and type in “Christmas coloring pages”. The search engine will come up with several places where you can find Christmas coloring pages. Pick out the ones you like, print them out and let your child go wild!

Here are a few web sites that have Christmas coloring pages to get you started:

The Holiday Spot

The Kidz Page

Another advantage to Christmas coloring pages is that you can also use them as templates for craft projects you may want to do. They can be used to follow as a diagram for some type of craft or incorporated into a collage or picture that you want to display on the holiday.

Have your child color several different ones and then make them into placemats. Just glue the picture onto a larger piece of paper and you have a placemat. To make them even more durable, you may want to laminate them too. Laminating machines can be purchased quite inexpensively these days or most office supply store offer lamanating services.

Then enjoy the creation and the holiday as well!

Christmas Coloring Books At Amazon

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