Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

Children of all ages love stuffed animal toys, but now there is a new idea called The Singing Sock designed by Mary Meyer and available in three designs: a cat, a dog and a piglet, pink, of course. It is an ideal gift for infants and babies up to 23 months. The Singing Sock is a soft, plush hand puppet and is affordable at $18. The Singing Sock plays three different songs: Old MacDonald, Frere Jacques, and London Bridge.

Other affordable gifts include the Ty Classic plush toys in a variety of designs and sizes. Even if the baby or infant can’t yet play with stuffed animals, they will look adorable in the nursery and bring joy to everyone who enters the room. Consider the wonderful Gotta Getta Gund 18” Benson Bear. At $42, it is moderately priced and carries value as well as the potential for great memories. Of course, if your baby or toddler loves Elmo- you won’t want to miss the 36” Large Elmo. It’s colorful and huggable. However, at $140 in most stores, it’s also quite an investment.

A mother will certainly appreciate a new baby blanket because they are so versatile for use in the crib indoors and even outdoors in the carriage. Baby blankets are available in all price ranges and styles. To make the blanket a keepsake, have it embroidered with the baby’s name, or sew the blanket yourself.

Another option is to think ahead to the days when baby will be teething, or learning to drink from a cup. You can go to Tiffany’s, or other fine jewelry store and purchase a silver and mother-of-pearl teething ring, or a monogrammed baby cup, bowl and spoon. These are keepsake gifts that a mother will treasure for years to come and will likely be handed down as a family heirloom.

If you are crafty, you might consider creating some special picture frames for baby’s pictures. Most crafts stores, including JoAnn’s and Michael’s carry many different craft kits at affordable prices and you can design your own picture frames, or even diaper bags to give as a gift for baby’s needs.


Gina Malone said...

The singing sock sounds like a fun Christmas idea! I also like the idea about a monogrammed baby blanket or pacifier clip. Personalized gifts add that extra special touch.

EJ Cooksey said...

Thanks for stopping by Gina.

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