Christmas Decorations You Can Make With Your Kids

The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time of the year, especially since the kids are home from school. Make the most of this time by making memories that will last. Creating Christmas decorations with your kids is a fun time for all. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Tree Skirt: Find some felt material and design a tree skirt. Add beads, bows, sparkles and any kind of trim available to make this a one-of-a-kind skirt. Perhaps the kids would like to add pictures of Santa along the rim of the skirt. Another tree skirt idea would be to make a quilted pattern, using different plaids and solid colors. Decorate it with a fancy trim. It could not only be used for the tree, but as the base centerpiece for a vase of poinsettias.

2. Centerpiece: Another idea is to have your children gather together Christmas balls in various sizes and colors. Find a large clear vase or bowl and arrange them inside. You may want to add some holly as well. This colorful display would make a lovely centerpiece for your table.

3. Christmas Card Holder: Here is a creative idea for storing your Holiday cards. Start with an empty Kleenex (or tissue) box, and cut out the top rectangular part of it. Wrap it in Christmas paper, and use it as a Christmas card holder. Decorate it with holly and ivy. Then, attach a ribbon to both ends and you have a beautiful homemade Christmas card basket.

4. Paper Chain: An old standby is to take several different colors of construction paper and cut them in strips. Then attach two ends of the strips together (with a stapler, glue or tape) to form a circle. Continue by looping another cut strip inside that one. When it’s long enough, wrap the chain around your Christmas tree.

5. Candy Chain: While stringing popcorn or beads around a tree is a tried and true tradition, how about using Lifesavers candy? Your kids can choose the color order or even try to make patterns. Use different color twine or ribbons to give it a Candyland touch. Add candy canes as well. Since both candies come in their own wrapping, just use a needle through the Lifesavers wrapping. After the tree is taken down, they can be fun snacks to eat.

Christmas decorations are a great way of expressing the holiday spirit in your home. The kids will love creating them, and be proud to have their art displayed. And, instead of looking like a department store, your home will become a reflection of the family that lives in it.

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