Christmas Crafts For Children That Double As Gifts

If you plan on sending homemade gifts this year, get the kids to make some crafts that you can use for specifically for that purpose. The kids will have a blast, you’ll enjoy the time together and the stress relief of doing it all yourself and the recipient will feel extra special knowing the gifts were made by the little ones. Here are a few ideas to get your kid’s big imaginations started.


When it comes to kitchen items there are tons of crafts that kids can make and you can give as presents. Craft stores sell blank aprons in various colors. Kids can decorate these aprons using craft paints, stencils, and iron-on shapes. For unique shapes, use the cut edge of a white potato dipped in paint. Oven mitts, placemats, dishtowels, and napkin rings are other examples of kitchen crafts kids can turn into gifts with just a few simple decorations.

Cross Stitching

Do the kids like to sew? They may not be ready to operate your Singer sewing machine yet but they can learn cross stitch and latch hook techniques. Cross stitching uses colored thread and a needle to create designs on a pre-dyed pattern. For Christmas, there are cross stitch angels, snowmen, Santa Claus, winter scenes, and other holiday patterns. Completed patterns can be turned into wall hangings or framed for grandparents or other friends and relatives.

Potpourri Sachets

Potpourri is used at all times of the year, but more so around the holidays. Take the holiday scent of dried flowers, leaves, and pine cones and give it to someone else. Kids can make drawer sachets. All that’s needed is some festive cloth, needle and thread, and the potpourri. They can create a square sachet or a drawstring purse sachet so that the potpourri can be changed to other scents whenever the recipient likes.


Candles are a favorite of many. At night it’s easy to light pine scented candles and feel like you’re sitting under the stars without the cold air of winter side effect. Kids can make candles, too. Purchase wax, wicks, and jars from a craft store. Let the kids decide which scents they like. Glass paint in red, green, silver, and gold will do for decorating the jars in holiday style or simply add stickers.


Christmas ornaments go over well as gifts. Let your kids make some of their own designs. They can make Christmas stars or snowflakes out of Popsicle sticks or make paper ornaments. Whatever they choose to use, have them write or paint the year on the ornament and sign their name as the creator. Then you can keep them for years to come as a memory of the holidays and the time you spent together making them.

Encourage your child’s creative side this Christmas. Everything from picture frames to holiday decorated socks are easy enough for kids to make on their own or with a little assistance. Once they are through, they can give their creations to teachers, friends, and family members for Christmas presents.


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