Homemade Wreaths to Make with Kids

A wreath is a symbol of goodwill during the holiday season. Seeing one on the door lets guests know that they will feel warm and welcome in the home. There are plenty of wreaths that the kids can help make too. Here are some ideas of homemade wreaths to make with your kids.

An Advent wreath is used to welcome the day that has been set aside as the birth date of Jesus Christ. Each Sunday, a candle in the wreath is lit to symbolize one of four virtues: hope, love, peace, and joy. The wreath symbolizes the spiritual aspect of Christmas.

For the greenery, artificial swags or real pine can be used. Arrange the greenery in a circle. Decorate the wreath with berries or pine cones. Parents need to be on hand to use the hot glue gun to attach the pine cones and other decorations to the wreath. Candles are placed in holders with one in the center of the other four. There are three purple (or blue) candles and one pink one. The center candle is white and is lit on Christmas Day.

Wreaths can be made with buttons too. Everyone has a few buttons lying around. Help your kids collect the buttons. They can use buttons that are different sizes, colors, and shapes. Decorate the button wreath with wire bows in festive colors. Since this type of wreath is smaller than the ones you hang on the front door or over the mantle, try using them for bedroom or closet doors instead.

A wreath of bows would be easy for kids to make. Purchase a wire wreath frame to attach your bows. Tie a few bows to show the kids how it is done. Now let them have a hand at it and remember it’s ok if their bows are less than perfect. The fact that they tried will make the wreath beautiful. A bow wreath can be hung on the wall at the center of a colorful swag.

Experiment with your own unique ideas for homemade wreaths as well. Purchase undecorated wreath forms and let the kids decide what types of things to add to it. They may decide on a string of lights or ornaments. Ornaments aren’t restricted to round shiny balls anymore. They come in hot pink, electric blue, and lime green. I’ve seen pigs, cows, clowns, and other figures that aren’t typical for Christmas ornaments, but add a more personal touch to whatever it is they adorn.

Jingle bells! A wreath made of sleigh bells will make a delightful ringing sound each time you open the front door. Bells can be glued to a traditional wreath form or tied to a wire form so they won’t slip. Because bells are small, several will be needed to fill out an entire wreath without leaving gaps. You can also use various size bells to make it unique. For instance, by a few bigger bells and twice as many small bells then create a pattern around the wreath of one big bell, two small bells and continue until the wreath is complete.

Who knew wreaths could be so much fun to make? Spending time with the kids is an added blessing and helps to make even the most normal holiday activities more interesting and fun.


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