Christmas Craft Ideas For The Whole Family

Each and every year we all get enticed by that one special holiday that drives us to create and celebrate. That holiday is Christmas, and it goes without saying that every year there’s another person on television or some master crafter in a magazine trying to show you how to make the best Christmas crafts for you and your family. There’s all kinds of different crafts and nick-knacks out there that you can create for the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Wreaths:

Christmas wreaths have been around for thousands of years and used by people throughout history to create beautiful works of art. My favorite Christmas wreath to make as a kid was the paper plate wreath. It’s one of the most familiar Christmas wreaths for those with young kids, especially toddlers, and they're very simple to make. All you need to do is cut a hole out of the paper plate and decorate the remaining circle. I put a magnificent bow on mine (I've started making them every Christmas – it reminds me of being a kid) and glue red and green tissue paper all around it to make it more Christmas-like. These are very good to put up around the home or stick on the refrigerator, as a reminder of your and your child’s talent. Making these with your kids will make their Christmas that much more enjoyable and let you spend more time with them. Who wouldn't want that?

Candy Cane Reindeer:

My all time favorite of the Christmas crafts though is the candy cane reindeer. The best part about the candy cane reindeer, like all candy cane crafts, is that it’s very inexpensive. You’ll need to get some tacky glue, an 8 inch piece ribbon, 2 wiggle eyes, a red or brown pom-pom (for the nose), and last but not least, the candy cane itself. The cool thing about making the candy cane reindeer is that you can make dozens and dozens of them in one sitting, if you have enough material. Ornaments are the easiest of the Christmas crafts to make, however, if you're looking for simplicity.


Ornaments have been a Christmas tradition for ages now. Your Christmas crafts wouldn’t be complete without at least one of these to hang from your tree. You can get ornaments at virtually any supermarket chain around the holidays, but I feel it's always better to make your own. There’s a lot of clear and blank ones that you can purchase at these stores. My suggestion is to get a bunch of the clear and blank ones and get some painting supplies. You can decorate them any way you want, and put your family's names on them too. I always put the date on the ones I make so I can remember when I made it and when I pull them out of the storage box, the flood of Christmas memories relating to that particular ornament always washes over me. Sending some of the ones you make to relatives as a gift is also a good idea. The kinds of Christmas crafts you can make are limitless.

Christmas crafts are something for the entire family to partake in. Be it wreaths, candy canes, or ornaments, it doesn’t matter because any kind of Christmas craft you make will be remembered by you and your family for years to come. Spending time with your loved ones by making Christmas crafts is just another way to show that you care about them, and could become a time-honored tradition in the future. Your kids may want to pass the tradition down to their kids and continue it for generations.


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