6 Ways To Find Cool Christmas Gifts Even When You're A Last Minute Shopper

So you are a last minute Christmas shopper? I'd assume that perhaps you'd have forgotten all about Christmas gifts if someone hadn't reminded you of the same! Or maybe your money was very tight and you really didn't want to buy any Christmas gifts in the first place. The golden rule of Christmas shopping is that you shouldn't be shopping at the last hour. At this moment almost all stores dry up and you may as well return empty-handed.

But wait, all is not lost! There are still some cool places where you can find some amazing gifts for your buddies. In this post I will mention six such places to you.

While there are several places you can shop for Christmas gifts, you should give up the idea of buying the perfect Christmas gift for your family! Having said that the places I go to for last minute Christmas shopping are the following:

1. Fast Food Restaurants: Well, even if you don't like fast food, most people do! Just go to any fast food restaurant and buy a gift certificate for your friend. Just be sure you don't hit the restaurants at the peak hours (a.k.a., mealtimes).

2. Movies: Does your friend love watching movies? Then you can sure give them the gift of a lifetime by buying them a ticket for the hottest movie of the month. Most theaters sell movie passes during the Christmas season. Just grab one and pass it on to your family or friend.

3. Thrift Stores: Thrift stores are almost always empty during Christmas. However, don't let that fool you. You can get good gifts from thrift stores provided that you are willing to search for it with patience. It does take some time to come up with a great gift from a thrift store, but it is worth it. Of course if you don't want to spend some time on gift shopping then thrift stores are certainly not for you; in that case, you can always get a good gift certificate for the gift recipient.

4. Hardware Stores: Hardware stores are not just for those who want gizmos and power tools. If you hunt a little, you will come out with a pretty cool Christmas gift for your buddy. And if your buddy happens to be a gizmo freak, there is no better way to gift them than buying them the latest gadget!

5. Pet Supply Stores: Is your gift recipient an animal lover? Then you would do a good job by visiting a pet supply stores. Pet supply stores not only sell goodies for animals, they also sell different cards based on different animal themes. You can easily find a dog-themed or a cat themed card there.

6. Your Computer: Last but not the least, don't forget your computer! The internet has an innumerable supply of free stuff. You can get anything for free online, right from music MP3s, ebooks to softwares. Just download one to your computer and email it to your friend. They will appreciate it!

As you can see, just because you are a last minute Christmas shopper doesn't mean that you have to be contented with second-class and leftover Christmas gifts no matter how late you are!


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