Christmas Card Organizing and Displays Ideas

The average family receives over twenty Christmas cards each year. What happens to them after Christmas? Do you throw them away? Instead of doing that, use those Christmas cards to make holiday displays.

Christmas Card Tree
The tree can be hung on string or small hooks. The smaller cards are displayed at the top. Each line gets a little wider so that you are forming the shape of a Christmas tree. The cards should be hung so that people can open them and see who they were from. For a more permanent display, the cards can be tacked to a piece of fabric that is attached to a rod. This makes the set up and breakdown easy each year.

Christmas Card Window Decoration
Christmas cards can be hung around the window like a border to make a display. The cards can be tacked directly to the top and sides of the windows. For windows facing the front of the house, make a display that can be seen from the outside. Using only the picture on the front of the cards, string them on a piece of ribbon through holes punched in the top center of each one. Secure the ribbon to the window so that the cards are in view. Let a string of white lights hang intertwined with the cards to illuminate them.

Christmas Cards as Ornaments
Your favorite Christmas cards can be displayed right on your tree. Punch a hole and run a thin piece of ribbon through each one. Knot the ribbon and curl the ends of the strands. Secure each card to the tree in a place where it will be seen. Propping the cards against a branch of the Christmas tree allows you to keep them sitting open so they can be read without disturbing the tree.

Christmas Cards Display Ideas
Christmas cards received for the current year should enjoy their day in the spotlight. Display them on the mantle. Another alternative, if you don’t have or don’t want to use the mantel is the coffee table. Have a piece of glass cut to fit the top of your coffee table. Take each Christmas card and arrange it on the top of the coffee table. Throw glitter or confetti, in Christmas colors of course, on the table among the cards. Cover with the piece of glass.

Christmas cards are not just for a year to be tossed away once the holidays are over. You can use them each year to remind us of people long gone and special moments. Finding different ways to display your cards throughout the years will let others share in your special memories too.

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