Christmas Gifts for Teens 13-18: Be Creative and Cash In!

Every gift-giver, whether you are a parent, friend, or sibling wants to get the edge on buying gifts that will be appreciated. Many of us spend hours scouring the malls and boutiques to get our imagination fired up in pursuit of the ideal gift for our teen.

Appeal to the teens creative side by selecting some craft kits. Make sure the craft kit you select is in sync with your teen’s tastes. For example, of your teen is not the artsy type, don’t purchase a craft kit that involves designing and hand painting an item such as a banner, or tote bag. Instead, find something more appropriate. There are many choices and craft kits are also affordable and fun.

Bear in mind that some boys will get excited over Play Station 3 and the latest video games. In addition, for the active teen, Hasbro Games Milton Bradley makes a Dance Twister that is great fun. It comes with a DVD, so they can follow the dance steps and move to the music. It has added value because the whole family can participate, and is a wonderful way to spend quality time. It appeals to both boys and girls.

For your teen music lover, CD’s or an Ipod always hits the spot. Just make sure you are certain of their favorite musical groups before you make a purchase. You can also purchase a gift card online so your teen can make the selection.

For teen girls 13-15 who tend to enjoy glamour products, consider a session at a day spa. Not only will you be spending time together, but your teen will feel really pampered. Day Spas can be costly, so if you’re on a tight budget a visit to the local cosmetics counter for a free make-over will give your teen a chance to try and then buy her favorite lip glosses.

There are several factors to consider in buying gifts for teenagers, 16 and up. Basically, teens in that age group are very particular, brand conscious and savvy about new trends. They know what they want and where to go to get it, so cash in on one of the best teen gift ideas of the season—give the gift of cash! Not only will your teen be thoroughly delighted and the envy of all their friends — (who will probably talk about the disappointment over the new set of PJ’s, or rollerblades they didn’t want), but it will save you the leg-work and wear and tear of walking around the mall and boutiques.

Even if you give $25-$30, the excitement of having cash in hand will override the actual amount you give. Don’t think you have to put a $100 bill in your teen’s hand. Any smaller denomination will be truly appreciated. Who knows? Your teen might surprise you and spend it wisely.

Even though most teens are computer savvy, not all teens would consider a computer an ideal gift. Some teens prefer to add to their already expanding DVD, or CD collection, and take great pride in owning the latest releases. DVD’s and CD’s are moderately priced, and buying boxed sets can also save you money while making a great impression on your teen. Keep in mind your teen’s musical tastes and favorite films when making selections.


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