Six Popular Christmas Tree Themes

More than ever before, the traditional Christmas tree has evolved from the standard that we grew up with into an array of Christmas tree themes. Here are some of the most popular Christmas tree themes.

An angel tree is quite popular. A white tree adorned with golden-winged angels on its branches, gold garland, and an angel atop the tree. A tree skirt made of gold gives the tree a beautiful finishing touch.

Hummel ornaments tree theme. They are quite delicate and beautiful. Place each ornament on a branch and just add white lights. Place a larger Hummel ornament atop the tree. The skirt could be elegant and simple; perhaps a brown skirt with a lace border.

Musical trees are popular as well. Place different instrumental ornaments on the branches and use a piano key skirt.

Toyland trees are very popular for the young and old alike. Remember the movie Sound of Music? Why not decorate the tree with your “favorite things.” For example, use dolls in white dresses with blue satin sashes; ornaments of cream colored ponies; sleigh bells, and crisp apple strudels. Use turtledoves to represent “the wild geese that fly,” and use white construction paper to cut out and paste “the moon on their wings.”

Decorate your tree with candy. Your kids will have a great time deciding which candies to use. Put candy canes on the branches, and string a garland of different colored lifesavers around the tree. If you are decorating a white tree, hang long red vines on each of the branches, or tie silver-wrapped kisses on the branches to resemble bells.

Cookie trees are another favorite. Bake your favorite cookies or, in addition, hang your favorite cookie cutters on the tree as well. Ensure that when baking the cookies, you reserve a hole to insert the ribbon. Make Christmas cookie balls and string them around the tree, by inserting a thread through each ball.

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