Christmas Gift Ideas for the Discriminating 10-12 year old

As children get older, they get more of an opinion about their Christmas gifts. You think back on the days when your little toddler would beam if you handed him a coloring book and now you’ve got a 10 year old who has very particular tastes. So, what’s a gift-giver to do?

Many children between the ages of ten and twelve like to get involved in art projects, but some parents don’t appreciate the mess they leave behind. For the young artist at heart, Crayola’s Color Wonder Sprayer, a splatter-free airbrushing toy is a fantastic option. Priced affordably at under $10 at Amazon, the airbrushing toy comes with four different spray cartridges in an assortment of vivid colors: aqua, orange, green and fuchsia.

In addition, it comes with a twelve page Color Wand Paper tablet. Your child will have hours of creative fun watching the colorful mist transform into exciting color. An item of this type engages your child’s imagination, and as a bonus, you can frame the art work to help boost your child’s confidence and help them enjoy a sense of pride in their work.

Or perhaps your young artist would enjoy a trip to an art or frame store to purchase canvas and paints. If your child is truly interested in art, a set of brushes or an art class would be the perfect gift.

For boys who enjoy toy racing cars, the X-men Race set make a perfect gift. Although moderately to expensively priced at about $80, the racing set comes with two cars, Marvel heroes, and a winding track twenty feet long that also curves and loops. The cars race at a scale speed of 450 MPH to guarantee excitement and super charged fun. If you are on a budget, you may consider more affordable racing car sets. You don’t have to spend as much on other brands, but it does require some legwork and research until you find the best price. You may find what you need at eBay.

For the inquisitive child, Action Products International offers the Curiosity Kit- Jr. Bureau of Investigation affordably priced at under $15. It’s appropriate for both boys and girls and allows the child to engage in imaginative play, as well as stimulating their critical thinking skills.

The kit comes complete with a working camera, flashlight, and tweezers to collect evidence, evidence bags, badge, and crime scene tape. So if you have a budding Sherlock Holmes on your gift list, the curiosity kit will be a big hit this holiday season.

When in doubt, you can always purchase a gift card from your child’s favorite store. Your child will enjoy the independence of making a gift selection on their own.


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