Make Your Own Christmas Wreaths

Most people want to place a sign of the season on their front door. Usually the decoration of choice is a Christmas wreath. Wreaths don’t have to only go on the front door and they don’t only have to be made out of artificial pine garland or real pine sprigs. Think outside the box this Christmas and create a beautiful and unique wreath.

The holiday wreath on the front door welcomes people to your home. Traditionally it was good luck to hang greenery because it remained green throughout the winter when everything else had died. Greenery gave a pleasant scent to the air inside the home as well.

Wreaths are usually made of evergreen pine sprigs and decorated with bows or holly with berries. The Christmas wreath has evolved into so much more since the early days of Christmas celebrations. They have become bigger and more ornate each year.

Most stores carry undecorated wreaths. These are artificial wreaths that are just waiting for you to add your magic touch. If you plan on using the same wreath each year, let each member of the family add something to it to symbolize the uniqueness of the whole family.

Bows are a great choice for additions to any wreath. The fabric can be looped around the wreath or you can use a hot glue gun to attach smaller bows to the front of the wreath. Tiny figures like English horns, cherubs, Christmas trees, Santa ornaments, and pine cones can be added to the wreath as well. A blast of spray snow on the tips of the pine needles brings a touch of winter to the entire decoration.

Dried Fruit
If you want to get away from the pine variety of wreath, try dried fruit slices. Thin slices of fruit like apples and oranges can be dried and arranged in a circle. The slices can then be glued together in the shape of a wreath. Add sprigs of holly, mint, and other herbs to create an even more inviting scent. Don’t limit your wreath to just the front door either. Fruit wreaths can be hung in the kitchen or dining room. Cover them with a varnish or other coating so as not to attract ants and insects to your creation.

Wreaths can also be made out of fabric and stuffing. A festive cloth can be used to make a tubular shape. Stuff the cloth with pillow filling to give it a full look. Add herbs to the filling or try a scented spray to the outer covering. These wreaths can be hung on bedroom doors and in any room where you want a nice, clean holiday smell.

A Christmas wreath can be created from any number of items. Look at what you already have and see what you can do with before you purchase a wreath from the store. Put your thinking cap on and in a few easy steps, you could have a house full of holiday wreaths in no time.

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