Gift Ideas for your 4-5 Year Old - Big Fun

You will find some innovative offerings in the marketplace for the four to five year old this season. Do you have a talkative child? Consider some of the electronic voice and sound toys available. Basic Fun Inc. produces the Gigglator, a voice and sound toy that included 12 pre-recorded sounds that are sure to get belly-laughs! The sounds include giggles, belches, cute phrases, funny voices and more. The Gigglator is easy to use. Your child can shake, roll, twist and move the electronic toy up and down to produce sounds. The Gigglator has the ability to record many sounds including your child’s own voice, or some favorite music.

Is your child an up and coming author? Why not encourage your child’s writing talent with Creativity for Kid’s, Create your own Books kit. At under $17 in most stores, it’s one of the most affordable educational toys that will also help your child appreciate literacy and enhance literacy skills. The whole family can get involved in developing story ideas, creating art work, and simply having hours of fun. The added value is the finished product in the form of two hardcover books you’ll receive. Your child will be proud of the books for years to come. The kit comes with everything your child needs to create an original book including clip art, stickers, a variety of markers and an idea book.

Does your child show signs of being musically inclined? You don’t have to spend a fortune on piano lessons just yet. Fisher-Price offers “I Can Play Piano”, a three-octave piano that plugs into a television set. The plug and play system is ideal for young children and the keyboard is easy to learn as it is color-coded. In addition, your child can learn to read sheet music with a built in technology that turns reading sheet music into a game. The task of reading sheet music becomes a visual exercise with colorful moving images your child will enjoy. At under $35 at Amazon, it is a moderately priced gift idea that will turn learning to play the piano into creative fun.


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