Christmas Gifts for 7-9 Year Olds - Child’s Play

There are a variety of affordable and fun Christmas gift ideas on the market this holiday season. You’ll have a blast shopping for your children.

For example, if your child is a budding musician there are toys geared towards his talents. Get your little one inspired to play music with some of the electronic keyboards you’ll see in stores. Groovy Tune’s electronic keyboard and stool, guarantees hours of sing-alongs and creativity. The price is right too and makes an affordable and exciting gift idea at under $50.

For active boys, action figures are moderately priced and abundantly available in stores. You can find action figures for The Pirates of the Caribbean. If your child is a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean, he’s in for a treat, because there is a wide selection to choose from. Boys will be delighted with Super Hero action figures and accessories. Action figures also engage the imagination and will help your child enjoy creative play.

The perennial Mattel Barbie is a favorite for girls and your little girl may already have her heart set on receiving one for a gift. In any case, some stores feature Barbie with clothing and accessories to keep your child engaged in creative play. Barbie has many feature films available now, like Fairytopia and the 12 Dancing Princesses. Each movie has corresponding dolls that you can purchase. You may still be able to find some good prices for Barbie in some outlet stores. As a supplement, for fans of Barbie, the Barbie color-n-style head makes an exciting gift idea and will teach your child about good hair grooming. Most Barbie products are affordably priced and you can from time to time, find a sale.

Although boys and girls are very fond of Play Station 3 and video games, an educational gift can sometimes entice them as well. For instance, a telescope can be an ideal and moderately priced gift. Check the outlets first and you may be able to find Tele-Science’s telescope for under $25. A telescope stimulates interest in the field of Science and is by far one of the most popular educational products on the market for children.

To Lego, or not to Lego? Most children will be delighted to play with Legos and like the Barbie, Legos are an old time –tested favorite. The Legos Creator 1,000 piece tub is affordable in outlets for under $15, so you can’t go wrong.


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